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I lost 20 pounds and have never been happier with any other program.

Two months later when I met up with my daughter on vacation, I had already lost 20 pounds. My daughter looked at me and said "I don't know what you're doing, Mom, but whatever it is, I want to do it too!

I lost 20 pounds.....I can't tell you how good it feels to be slim and healthy again, after all those years of struggling with weight issues. It was a very pleasant surprise when I went to a clothing store to try on clothes and I was totally shocked to be two sizes smaller!

... Tonya Ferguson

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Before: Size 12... After: Size 6

"When I found the fat loss 4 idiots site I laughed but I didn't have anything to loose. Every diet I had ever tried before failed. So I said what the heck why not give it a try. Am I glad I did, I have lost 6 + sizes and over 40 lbs. I didn't think I would every achieve my goal. Thank you Fat loss 4 Idiots, Your diet is wonderful!"

.... Sharon Furrow

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Before: Size 14... After: Size 7

I have been using your diet formula for five months now and am very pleased with my results so far. I initially wanted to work with a personal trainer for general health improvement, but, also to get in shape for my upcoming wedding. Fat Loss 4 Idiots helped me lose 55 pounds and increased my self esteem. Thank you for for all your help you guys.

.... Michelle Kingston


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I have been doing Weight loss 4 Idiots for a month and a half now and let me tell you all......it is FANTASTIC. I am never hungry and have more energy than I have ever had in my entire life. I have lost 18 lbs with 22 more to go. Piece of Cake!! Pardon the punn..but it is. As far as going back and changing my habits to my old way of eating, NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Habit is a funny thing. If you enjoy the habit and you feel great when you do the habit, then you stick with it. Also , I have found that I have become quite creative with these food selections. It is the best gift I ever gave to myself...Kris


GREAT !!!!! I just love this diet.... I like "instant" results it's what keeps you goin'
The food was great and the fact that you got a choice was a bonus, all for the princely sum of one trip to Weightwatchers.... I have dropped a dress size in the fist eleven days and will continue for another 11...Maria Evans


I love the 11 days on and the three days off. Dieting for 11 days doesn’t even feel like dieting!


Buying and downloading this program was the best thing I have ever done. I finally have the power and control over my body which I have not had in a long time.


No Cravings... I am simply "amazed." If a person has their mind made up to "do it, and if they drink their water, listen to their stomachs (quit just before full), this diet is the EASIEST, most USER-FRIENDLY, SATISFYING diet I have done in a long, long time. It works!!! ...Teri


So far I've lost 87lbs!!!!
I had totally given up on the thought of being thin and healthy untill I came across this diet!!! So far Ive lost 87lbs, have 13 to go. And in the spring I'm going to run a 10K!!! For me it's the best diet!!!!...Shiela


Lost 40 lbs and have kept it off!!!
I did this diet in August & Sept. 2005, I lost 40 pounds and have kept those off. It is SOOO worth the money! And as they say, it's truly idiot-proof. But, as with any diet, you have to really want it! This is not for the casual dieter - you MUST stick to their plan for the entire 11 days. As I told myself, you can do anything for 11 days if there's a 3-day break at the end. Again, the best diet I've found for fast, significant weight loss!...Jennifer

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